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Agriculture - Societies, etc.

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Agriculture - Societies, etc.

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Agriculture - Societies, etc.

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Agricultural Society of Fox Harbour fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1899-1925

Fonds consists of one society record book which includes by-laws and constitutional information, minutes, membership lists and financial records.

Agricultural Society

Dunk River Farmers' Institute fonds

  • CA PCA Acc3651
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1958

This fonds is comprised of a minute book, two account books, and supplementary financial papers of the Dunk River Farmers' Institute. The minute books contains minutes of the annual, regular, and special meetings of the Institute for 1932-1956. Issues discussed include the purchase of seed and livestock, the rental of Institute equipment, the payment of accounts, and requests for information regarding crops and livestock. The account books note the financial transactions of the organization and include details of the seed, shingle, feed, lime, and lumber purchases made by members; supplementary financial documentation and correspondence is also filed loosely in these two volumes. The periods covered by the account books overlap with one containing transactions for 1933-1957 and the other 1948-1958.

Dunk River Farmers' Institute

Farmers' Institute, Lots 1 & 2, fonds : [1913-1956]

  • CA PCA Acc4201
  • Fonds
  • Microfilmed 1991

The fonds consists of two volumes of records of the Farmers' Institute of Lots 1 & 2. The first volume contains minutes of annual meetings, directors meetings, and regular and special meetings of the Institute, January 1913 - October 1954 as well as a membership list from 1956. These minutes do not follow a consecutive pattern in the volume. Matters discussed include the building, maintenance and rental of a warehouse, marketing for potatoes and lambs, purchase of livestock for breeding purposes, shipping clubs, and other miscellaneous matters. This volume also includes a copy of the "Act for the Encouragement of Agriculture", 1901 as amended 1903 and 1906 and "Regulations of the Agricultural Society and Farmers' Institutes". The second volume contains financial information from December 1927 -1954.

Lot 1 and 2 Farmers Institute

O'Leary Farmers Co-op Limited fonds : [1944-1946]

  • CA PCA Acc4897
  • Fonds
  • Microfilmed 1975

This fonds consists of a minute book of the O'Leary Farmers Co-op Limited for 1944-1946. It contains the minutes for regular monthly meetings, as well as directors and special meetings. Also included in the volume are financial reports, inventories of equipment and supplies, and a few pieces of correspondence.

O'Leary Farmers Co-op Limited

Petitions, resolutions, and addresses of the Legislative Assembly and Council of PEI re free trade, land issues, legislative and judicial system, etc.

  • CA PCA Acc4283
  • Fonds
  • 1841-1842

The fonds consists of several despatches, with enclosures, from Governors- General Fitzroy and Huntley to Lords Russell and Stanley respectively from May 1841 to July 1842, and acknowledgments and responses by the British Government. The enclosures include petitions to allow Island corn and produce into the British market duty-free, resolutions outlining the opposing positions and desires of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly on the issue of land tenure and fishery reserves, complaints about the high cost of crown lands being sold off in Princetown and the "family compact" nature of the Executive Council. There is also a report of the Central Agricultural Society Charlottetown and a communication from Chief Justice Jarvis regarding the necessity of appointing an assistant judge of the Supreme Court.

During the years of colonial government in Prince Edward Island there was a voluminous correspondence between the Lieutenant-Governor and the Colonial Office. Despatches often included enclosures of petitions and resolutions of the legislative bodies and of individuals or groups, as well as copies of official documents such as the journals and statutes of the legislature. Sir Charles A. Fitzroy served as Lieutenant-Governor from 1837 to 1841 when he was replaced by Sir Henry Vere Huntley. The colony's legislature was going through a particularly acrimonious time in the on-going dispute between tenant and landlord and the call for escheat, with the House of Assembly representing the tenants' interests while the Legislative Council adamantly opposed any change to the system of land tenure.

Prince County Exhibition Association fonds

  • CA PCA Acc4854
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1995

The fonds consists of 12 minute books of the Prince County Exhibition Association. The books date from 1929 to 1995 (some time periods are incomplete) and contain the minutes of annual, director, and committee meetings. The minutes describe meeting activities such as the appointing of committees, elections of directors, and readings of various reports. Various topics relating to the Exhibition were discussed during meetings such as land and building issues, competitions, judging, entertainment, advertising, security, and insurance. Some of the minute books also contain financial statements. Starting in 1963, the minute books contain roll calls of members for each meeting.

Prince County Exhibition Association