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James Gladstone family fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-1030
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1986, predominant 1937-1980

The fonds consists of James Gladstone's personal papers: family correspondence (1944-1970), diaries (1952-1967), certificates, recorded interview, programs, etc.; his senatorial papers: correspondence, invitations, speeches, etc.; records of organizations in which he was active; Nora Gladstone's family correspondence (1937-1945) and scrapbook; Janie Gladstone's diaries (1937-1945), invitations, and scrapbooks; Pauline Dempsey's scrapbooks; and Hugh Dempsey's notes for his biography of James Gladstone. Includes Indian Association of Alberta minutes (1946, 1950-1955, 1957-1971) and correspondence (1947-1970); minutes (1944-1957) and membership lists of the IAA, Blood local; and albums of postcards exchanged in the Gladstone family.
Records related to the following subjects are also in this fonds. See inventory for details: All American Indian Days (Sheridan, Wyoming), Archaeological Society of Alberta, Ed Bellerose, Chief Sam Bird, Blackfoot Indian Agency, Blood Indian Agency, Blood Indian Hospital (Cardston), W. Russell Brown, Calgary Indian Friendship Centre, Canadian Club, Canadian Indian Youth Council, Harold Cardinal, Charles Camsell Hospital, Jean Chretien, Chief Ben E. Christmas, Chief David Crowchild, John Diefenbaker, Edmonton Canadian Native Friendship Centre, Erminskin Indian School (Hobbema), Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, Friends of the Indians Society, Ruth Gorman, Deane R. Gundlock, Alvin Hamilton, Historical Society of Alberta, Kahn-Tineta Horn, Indian and Eskimo Association, Kainai Chieftainship, Kainai Cooperative Enterprises, Lawrence E. Kindt, Arthur Laing, Judy Lamarsh, John Laurie, Chief Clarence McHugh, George Manuel, Chief James Montour, Moral Re-Armament, National Indian Council of Canada, Native Brotherhood of British Columbia, Erik Nielsen, North American Indian Brotherhood, J. Percy Page, Chief Dan Paul, Lester B. Pearson, Queen Victoria Treaty Protective Association, Robert L. Stanfield, Ralph Steinhauer, Eneis J. Swite, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Walpole Island reserve, Whitefish Bay reserve, Charlotte Whitton, W.I.C. Wuttunee, and Chief William Wysote.

Gladstone, James (family)

Glenbow Museum Childhood Exhibit "Growing Up and Away" Oral History Project

  • CA GLEN glen-3435
  • Fonds
  • 1993

The collection consists of interviews recorded on audio and video cassettes, as well as transcripts or tape outlines. The following persons, listed in alphabetical order, were interviewed: Nora (nee Gladstone) Baldwin (Blood); Maggie Black Kettle (Blackfoot); Harold Chief Moon (Blood); Cliff Crane Bear (Siksika); Bertha Davis; Hugh Dempsey; Mary Dover; Leonora Duce (Mormon); Peter Faminow (Doukhobor); Aileen Gladstone (Blood); Fred Gladstone (Blood); Horace Gladstone (Blood); Evan Gushul; Eunice Guttman; Jean (nee Soup) Healy (Blood); Harold Healy (Blood); Richard Herzer; Rachel Hoof (Blood); Florence Kazakow (Russian); Doris Many Guns (Peigan); Vicky McHugh (Blackfoot); Elsie Morris (Doukhobor); Aki Moryama (Japanese heritage); Louise Mountain Horse (Blood); Wallace Mountain Horse (Blood); Jack Peach; Bernard Plain Woman (Blood); Jim Plaited Hair (Blood); Ruth Scalplock (Blackfoot); Florence Senda (Japanese heritage); Catharine Shade (Blood); Everett Soop (Blood); Billy Strikes with a Gun ( Peigan); Toshika Tanaka (Japanese heritage); Sarah Tschetter (Hutterite); Phyllis (nee Tailfeathers) Wells (Blood); Andrew Wolf Child (Blood); Eddie and Dorothy Yellowhorn (Peigan); Flora (nee Shade) Zaharia (Blood). Also includes transcript of radio interview with Flora Zaharia done in the late 1980s.

Dempsey, Pauline

Pauline Dempsey fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-822
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2010

The fonds consists of correspondence, circulars, reports, and other papers related to her activities with these and other organizations: Calgary Indian Friendship Society (1970-1976), Calgary Native Friendship Society ((1983-1986), Indian Events Committee of the Calgary Stampede (1968-2010), Calumet Indian Club (1960-1963), Canadian Association of Indian and Eskimo Education (1969-1972), Indian Students' University Program (1972-1976), Project Go Ahead (1968-1971), Progressive Conservative Party (1966-1977), and the University of Calgary Senate (1973-1979).

Dempsey, Pauline