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The Toronto Hospital
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The Toronto Hospital record group

  • ON00343 RG 1
  • Record group
  • 1986 - 2000

The record group includes 14 fonds:
TH 1. Nursing Education and Research Department fonds
TH 2. Department of Public Affairs and Communications fonds
TH 3. Status of Women Committee fonds
TH 4. Medical/Legal Affairs fonds
TH 5. Finance Directorate fonds
TH 6. Surgical Directorate fonds
TH 7. Medical Advisory Committee fonds
TH 8. Board of Trustees fonds
TH 9. Office of the President fonds
TH 10. Joint Hospital/University Relations Committee fonds
TH 11. Office of the Chief Operating Officer fonds
TH 12. Department of Strategic Planning fonds
TH 13. Office of the Executive Vice-President fonds
TH 14. The Toronto Hospital Auxiliary fonds

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Correspondence & Administration

Series consists of the correspondence, reports, and committee minutes from the Office of TTH Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice-President between 1985 and 1995.

The records were stored together in a filing cabinet and were arranged in alphabetical order with the exception of files 11.147-11.154 which were stored in binders on top of the cabinet. These files can be found listed at the end of the series with notes indicating the name of the original binder.

File 11.1.15 includes a 1993 report from the TTH Committee on the Status of Women. This file also contains a consolidated action plan based on reports from the Committee on the Status of Women, the Committee on Access for Persons with Disabilities, and the Task Force on Racial Equality.

File 11.1.43 includes a report entitled “Present Status and Future Directions of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at The Toronto Hospital” dated December 1990.

File 11.1.47 includes presentations from the departments of General Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Trauma, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Opthalmology, and Psychiatry to the Long-Range Planning Committee.

File 11.1.48 includes a report from the Department of Otolaryngology to the Long-Range Planning Committee.

File 11.1.50 includes a report entitled “Consolidated Rheumatology Planning for The Toronto Hospital” dated 1989. The file also includes a “Toronto Western Master Plan Update” prepared by Karlsburger Companies which is dated June 1, 1988.

File 11.1.52 includes 1986 minutes from the Master Plan Steering Committee.

File 11.1.60 includes a report of the final recommendations of the Monitoring Equipment Committee which is dated December 1993.

File 11.1.63 contains a report from the Multicultural Health Advisory Committee which is dated May 1, 1995. File also includes a report entitled “External Review of the Biochemistry Department” dated September 1994.

File 11.1.66 contains a report on the Pettit Endowment Fund (1983-1987) dated December 1987.

Department of Strategic Planning fonds

Fonds consists of minutes from various strategic planning committees and outgoing correspondence from Michael J. McCartney, Corporate Director of Strategic Planning. The minutes were accumulated by McCartney who served on many of the planning committees.

The fonds includes two series:

12.1 Planning Committees
12.2 Correspondence

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Planning Committees

Series consists of minutes, meeting notes, and correspondence from the TTH Board of Trustees Planning & Priorities Committee and various department planning committees formed to facilitate planning and consolidation goals as part of the post-merger strategic plan of TTH. Minutes discuss matters such as the creation and submission of reports to TTH Board of Trustees Planning Committee and financial and statistical numbers on current and projected department performance.


Series consists of outgoing correspondence from Michael J. McCartney, Corporate Director of the Strategic Planning department. Files include correspondence to department heads, planning committees, and the President of TTH on matters such as estimates on cost savings and bed numbers, committee business, updates on the implementation process, planning priorities and guidelines, and financial statistics on various departments.

Correspondence & Administration

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence accumulated by William Louth who served as TTH Executive Vice-President from 1986 to1992. Most files relate to the TGH/TWH Merger.

Department of Public Affairs and Communications fonds

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by The Toronto Hospital Department of Public Affairs and Communications. The fonds includes 12 series:

2.1 The Toronto Hospital annual reports
2.2 Caring
2.3 Correspondence
2.4 Photographs
2.5 News Releases
2.6 Medical Staff Bulletins
2.7 Canadian Museum of Health and Medicine
2.8 Archives and Historical Committee
2.9 Miscellaneous publications and minutes
2.10 Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital
2.11 Western Hours
2.12 Scrapbooks

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