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"The Dunkeld: One Salmon and Three Trout Versions" Print

  • ON00154 MPH15.1.5
  • Item
  • 1996

Item is a framed print from the Douglas R. Greer Collection entitled: "The Dunkeld: One Salmon and Three Trout Versions," 1996. Includes the following caption: "The first recorded formula for the classic Dunkeld pattern appeared in Edward Fitzgibbon's publication THE BOOK OF SALMON in 1850, but it was probably under development by expert Scottish fly-casters on the River Tay at the town of Dunkeld in the 1770s. In addition to its effectiveness on the stream, the Dunkeld is also considered by many anglers and fly-tyers to be the most beautiful example of this ancient art, and which has become the pattern of preference for sophisticated fly-casters world-wide."

Greer, Douglas R.

"The Great Farini" Biographical Information

  • ON00154 996.9.1
  • Series
  • 1996

Series consists of research notes compiled by S. Peacock during the publication of "The Great Farini," 1996. It has been arranged into forty-seven (47) files: (1) Early years: ca. 1859-1960s, miscellaneous note; (2) Niagara Falls; (3) Blondin; (4) New York "Clipper" notes and articles, 1857-1897; (5) Farini's childhood and youth - Lockport, New York; Hope township, Bowmanville; (6) Published short biographies; (7) Autobiography; (8) North American Circus days 1860-1862; (9) North American Circus days 1863-65; (10) North American Circus days 1872-79; (11) North American Circus days 1880-89; (12) North American Circus days 1860-90, miscellaneous; (13) British Showman days, 1866-1898; (14) British Showman days, 1865-69; (15) British Showman days, 1866-98, miscellaneous; (16) British Showman days, 1870s; (17) British Showman days, later days; (18) Inventions, includes Knapp roller boat, patent copies; (19) Kalahari Desert Expedition; (20) Lulu - Louis Farini, aka Sam Wasgott, El Nino and Lu Farini; (21) Farini and the American Civil War; (22) Farini's Stilt Walk at Niagara Falls, 1864; (23) Toronto, 1899-1910; (24) Personal Correspondence, 1879-1927, copies of letters and postcards to and from Farini, his wife, son, brother, niece; (25) Farini's land ownership information, Hope Township, Port Hope, London, Toronto, Dresden, etc; (26) Farini's Art; (27) Farini's poetry, short stories, essays & others, writings; (28) Farini's history of World War I; (29) "How to Grow Begonias"; (30) Anna Muller Farini's diary, 1917; (31) Anna Muller Farini's translation; (32) Record copy of Anna Muller Farini's photo album; (33) stock and investments; (34) Farini's death; Krao's death, interview notes; (35) 1945 Estate sale; (36-37) Genealogy, Farini, Hunt, Soper and Marsh; (38) Farini's sons; (39) Alice Carpenter Farini; (40) Mary Osborne; (41) Chronology, 1762-1995; (42) Correspondence to research institutions by other researchers before Shane Peacock; (43) Inventory and notes of Farini Papers at Archives of Ontario; (44) Bibliographic sources - British; (45) Scattered Bibliographic information; (46) Record copies of photographs; (47) Photocopies of images and information from books, sources listed.

Peacock, Shane

"The Great Farini" Research Images, 1996

  • 996.7.2
  • Series
  • 1996

Series consists of various images collected by S. Peacock during the creation of "The Great Farini," 1996. It includes: Research images, mostly from Archives of Ontario; Farini's Art, miscellaneous original sources listed; Anne Muller, Farini, images; Lulu & Edith Farini; Lulu images; Krao; Miscellaneous (Archives of Ontario); Miscellaneous Images; Port Hope and area images.

Peacock, Shane

"The Great War: I Was There!" Magazine collection

  • SCNMJPL MJ-129
  • Collection
  • 1938-1939

This collection consists of 48 volumes of the 51 part series entitled ‘The Great War: I Was There!’. Parts 13, 18 and 47 are missing from this collection. The series chronicles WWI through firsthand accounts of the war. The series contains original pieces as well as excerpts from other media.

The Great War: I Was There Magazine

"The Island Magazine" photographic fonds : [1920-1935]

  • CA PCA Acc3199
  • Fonds
  • Copied 1980

"The Island Magazine" is a semi-annual publication of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation comprised of articles and reviews of Island history and folklore. The first volume was published in the Fall-Winter of 1976. This fonds consists of 5 photographs, ca. 1920-1935. All photos are of people and are identified with the exception of a group photo of 7 boys at the Northam School, ca. 1935.

Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation

"The Land Registrar" Newsletter

  • ON00154 2004.20.3.1
  • File
  • 1977-1981

File consists of five (5) issues of "The Land Registrar" newsletter, 1977-1981; and copies of the Registrars of Deeds Association of Ontario, Toronto September 19, 1960. #25 East Durham registrar L. R. Hankingram; Newsclipping of Lloyd Patterson and Jack Sylvester, 1973. Lloyd Patterson, former registrar for East Durham, is featured in several issues of the newsletter.

East Durham Land Registry Office

"The Life of Louis Riel in Pictures"

  • ON00154 995.4.1.16
  • Item
  • 1978

Item is a book entitled "The Life of Louis Riel In Pictures" written by Dr. Peter Charlebois, 1978. It tells the story of Louis Riel's life and the events surrounding his dedication to the Metis people and his death. Col. Williams from Port Hope is listed in the index for his involvement with the Battle of Batoche.

"The Men in Her Life" Movie Poster

  • ON00154 2013.5.3
  • Item
  • 1941

Item is a hand-painted movie poster created by the Capitol Theatre, 1941. It features information about the showing of "The Men in Her Life" on Monday and Tuesday August 24th and 25th, 1941. Additional text on the poster includes: 2nd Feature "Brooklyn Orchid" and Capitol News.

Capitol Theatre

"The Roe Blue & Roe Purple" Print

  • ON00154 MPH15.1.6
  • Item
  • 1996

Item is a framed print from the Douglas R. Greer Collection entitled: "The Roe Blue & Roe Purple," 1996. Includes the following caption: The Roe Blue & Roe Purple wet-fly trout patterns are attributed to Bill Monaghan, a fly-tyer on the River Roe at the town of Linavady, Northern Ireland. These attractive designs were originally created as salmon flies using goat hair dyed purple and blue, now superseded by seal hair and smaller hooks. Until the mid-1990s, fly-fishing in North America was generally synonymous with wet-flies. But as fishing flourished, trout became increasingly selective, which spurred the creation of sophisticated nymph patterns emulating the actual stages of underwater life, plus many accurate imitations of emerging adult insects."

Greer, Douglas R.

"The Sasquatch: Pintail & Widgeoncollar Models" Print

  • ON00154 MPH15.1.7
  • Item
  • 1996

Item is a framed print from the Douglas R. Greer Collection entitled: "The Sasquatch: Pintail & Widgeoncollar Models," 1996. Includes the following caption: "The Sasquatch is a streamer fly named by North American aboriginals after the legendary BIGFOOT bushman of the Canadian Rockies, and YETI, the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. It's notable that aboriginals were tying flies 1000 years ago. Streamer flies are usually imitators of baitfish minnows, many of which were designed to use the feathers of the African Marabou in successfully substituting dyed Canadian turkey."

Greer, Douglas R.

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