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Lorna Thomas Productions fonds

  • CA PAA paa-9184
  • Fonds
  • 2000

The fonds consists of a VHS copy of the production Phyllis' Miracle created by Lorna Thomas Productions in 2000. The production recounts the story of the main character's (Phyllis) experience with breast cancer.

Lorna Thomas Productions

Harold Wigmore McGill and Emma Griffis McGill fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-1602
  • Fonds
  • 1901-1965

The fonds consists of Harold McGill's diaries (1916-1918, 1932-1959), personal correspondence (1915-1965), Indian Affairs correspondence (1928-1946), speeches (1927-1947), and reminiscences (1935); Emma McGill's diaries (1917-1928, 1931-1933, 1938-1941), and correspondence (1911-1965) including extensive letters from Harold; and family certificates, invitations, programs, greeting cards and newsclippings. Includes diary and autobiographical manuscripts of Enid Griffis, Emma's sister.

McGill, Harold Wigmore

Hector Robertson MacLean fonds

  • CA UOFA uofa-8
  • Fonds
  • [18-]-1980

Fonds consists of these series: I Photographs ([18þ]-1980). Collected for A History of Dentistry in Alberta 1880-1980 (136 images, copies of originals). II Research material ([18þ]-1980). Collected material relating to the history of dentistry.

MacLean, Hector Robertson

Helen (Garfield) Sabin fonds

  • CA AARN aarn-2224
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1960, 1979, 1995

Ms Sabin met with Lynne French of the AARN to read a survey of her career in nursing which was prepared following an outline from the History of Nursing Professional Practice Group. She describes the daily routine and the training program of student nurses, 1933-1938, and the changes brought about by the Weir Report (1932) and the CNA curriculum study (1936). On graduation, Ms Sabin was employed by the Provincial Public Health Nursing Branch, serving in Alder Flats/Pendryl. She summarizes the history of the nursing service, which began in Alberta in 1918 with 8 graduate nurses. She describes the types of work carried out by the public health nurses and the programs they could initiate in the rural areas: maternity and child care, homecare, school health, First Aid and immunization (among many others). Ms. Sabin also comments on effects of the changes brought about by restructuring of health care in Alberta during the 1990s. She sees a complete break with the services and programs that were in effect during her career.

Sabin, Helen (Garfield), 1916-___

Helen McClennon fonds

  • CA PAA paa-7016
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1970

The fonds consists of invitations, newspaper articles about the Alberta Hospital Auxiliaries Association and the Canadian Association of Hospital Auxiliaries, programs from the Canadian Association of Hospital Auxiliaries annual conventions, and a photograph of the Canadian Association of Hospital Auxiliaries members.

McClennon, Helen

Helen Westley fonds

  • CA AARN aarn-2218
  • Fonds
  • 1939-[1994]

Title taken from the contents of the fonds.

Westley, Helen, 1920-

Henri Chatenay fonds

  • CA GLEN glen-3728
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1978-1980]

The fonds consists of research materials, including recorded interviews, which he compiled and created while writing <em>The Country Doctors</em>. Includes interviews with Harold Hamman, Phylis Steele, Winifred Anderson, D. S. and Mrs. Cody, A. D. Barnett, George Miller, J. W. Richardson, Samuel Bartlett, Sonny Nicolson, Les Bennett, H. Smith, Pastor Severson, T. Smith, Charles Sternberg, Marius Martinson, Mabel Olsen, Irma Belcher, Helen Mainprize, Arliss Swenson, M. A. Mozer, Lawrens Egland, Tom Matchell, Ralph Nichols, Opal Stearns, Dr. Archer, Dr. Mallett, Florence Love, Frank Froh, A. E. Shore, Mr. Holroyd, Alfred Greenaway, Pat Motherwell, Mrs. Bert Brooker, Margaret Savage, Isabel Dollar, Anne Fraser, R. Parsons, A. E. Archer, Ann Nordtrop, William Henry, Roy Whitecotton, Florence Petersen, Irene Tyler, Bert Brooker, Jan Edwards, Graham Mainprize, Lars Haugan, R. J. Weil, Bob Ferguson, Ralph Nichols, Helen Ferguson, Janet Rogers, George Scott, Mr. and Mrs. George Fawcett, Mrs. Crisp, Mrs. Wilsy, Margaret Owens, MacNeill Smith, Arthur Day, Mrs. Wittmack, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Hansen, Mrs. Scoular, Mrs. Van Lowe, M. Downer, Minnie Johnson, Jon Fowler, Mrs. McManneman, Mary Percy Jackson, Gordon Redel, Pedro Hauer, Mary Plank, Mrs. Weintrup, Anne Pawliuk, Dorothy Williams,George Cameron, Paul Barker, Ken Nicolson, Ms Eichener, Mrs. Wingard, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Annett.

Chatenay, Henri

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