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Albert Allbright collection

  • CA PAA paa-7139
  • Collection
  • 1917-1972

Collection consists of records pertaining to Albert Allbright and includes a newspaper clipping, a nominal roll of members of the 14th Canadian Field Ambulance at Witley Camp, and a panorama photograph of the 14th Canadian Field Ambulance, CEF at Witley Camp in Surrey England.

Warren, Fred S.

Alberta Association of Registered Nurses Oral History Collection

  • CA AARN aarn-2203
  • Collection
  • 1933-1994

The fonds consists of recorded interviews with various members of the nursing profession for their personal and professional histories and of the institutions in which they served. Subjects on the tapes include: Laura Attrux (as described by Helen Getzinger and Stella Boisvert) Nellie Beatty, Jackie Brewe, Yvonne Chapman, Gurty Chinell, Kay Christie, Betty Eggen, Vera Gingras, Glenna Gorrill, Betty Gourlay, Elnora Hibbert, Jessie Morrison, Florence Nightingale, Mary Adelaide Nutting, Geneva Purcell, Phyliss Robinson, Martha Rogers, Helen Sabin, Marguerite Schumacher, Winnie Shandro, Muriel Shewchuk, Margaret Street, and Helen Westley.

Alberta Association of Registered Nurses Museum and Archives

Bernard Snell collection

  • JHSE jhse-215
  • Collection
  • 1939-2006

Collection consists of records pertaining to Dr. Bernard Snell dating from 1939-2006 and includes correspondence, notices, eulogies, newspaper clippings, biographical information, and an oral history interview with Dr. Snell. Collection also includes scanned photographs that depict Bernard and Edna Snell.

Snell, Bernard

Charles Camsell Hospital Interview collection

  • CA PAA paa-8631
  • Collection
  • 1991

The collection consists of recorded and written interviews with former staff and patients of the Charles Camsell Hospital dating from 1991 conducted by Lisa Staples of the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

Provincial Museum of Alberta

Daryl Katz collection

  • JHSE jhse-192
  • Collection
  • 2001-2008

Collection consists of photocopied newspaper clippings, press releases and magazine articles about Daryl Katz and his company, Katz Group Inc. collected by JAHSENA from 2001-2008.

Katz, Daryl

Dave Davies collection

  • CA PAA paa-6915
  • Collection
  • 1911-1938

Collection consists of photographs depicting the Central Alberta Sanitarium and various hotels, hospitals, buildings, and street views in Coronation and Wainwright, Alberta, and various animals in Wainwright, Alberta. Some of the photographs are addressed to and from Edith Roessler, who worked in the Central Alberta Sanitarium in Infirmary 2.

Davies, Dave

Edmonton Hospitals collection

  • EDM edm-1827
  • Collection
  • 1976 - 1992

This fonds consists of Board of Governors/Board of Directors' minutes, annual reports and other material on hospitals in Edmonton, including the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Alberta Hospital Association, Misericordia Hospital, Grey Nuns Hospital, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, and General Hospital. The fonds also includes material from the Edmonton Board of Health, the Alberta Hospitals Association, and the Edmonton Economic Development Association.

University of Alberta. Faculty of Medicine

Edson Archives Sisters of Service collection

  • CA EDSON edson-8
  • Collection
  • 1958-2006

Collection consists of items pertaining to the Sisters of Service in Edson. Items include booklets on their history, an address by Sr. Margaret Guest to the Edson Optomist Club and various items pertaining to the 50th Anniversary of the Sisters at St. John's Hospital in Edson.

Nuns - Sisters of Service

E.M. Benner collection of notes relating to training of nurses at the Holy Cross School of Nursing and other miscellaneous nursing material.

  • CA SPEC spec-2418
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1936-1975].

Collection consists of typescript notes for various nursing courses taught at the Holy Cross School of Nursing, 1936-1939 (some notes contain holograph annotation "E. Duncan Class IIIB"); notes on haemotology and laboratory procedures; miscellaneous nursing journals; and clippings about various medical subjects.

Benner, E. M.

Esplanade Archives Unknown Donor collection

  • MED med-366
  • Collection
  • 1893-1979

The collection consists of: a souvenir postcard album (undated); pamphlet "Alberta's Golden Jubilee" (1956); postcard with five caricatures on the front enclosed in the letters "HENRY" (undated); O.S. blueprint of the Ajax Coal Mine (1961); C.P.R. booklet "General, Train and Interlocking Rules" (1938); booklet "C.P.R. Rules and Regulations" (1893); "Slaon's Handy Hints and Up to Date Cookbook" (1901); magazine article entitled "The World of Women" (1930); booklet "Battle of the Aleutians" (1942-1943); booklet "The Rare Old City of Chester" (undated); magazine article "Start of the Bank of Commerce" (1958); biography of Chief Shot Both Sides (undated); 8 cent coupon from Medicine Hat Coin Club (1968); Cash Meal Tickets from the Redcliff Hotel (undated); milk tickets from the Slesser Dairy (undated); cash quarter purchase from Pingle's Drug Co. (undated); meal ticket from the American Hotel (undated); milk tickets from the Slesser Dairy (undated); programs (3) from "Medicine Hat Centennial Musical" (1967); banquet program from Southern Alberta Pioneer and Old Timers' Association Diamond Jubilee 1883-1943 (1943); program from the Order of Public Worship for the Coronation Service (1937); promotional pamphlet "Medicine Hat Gas City of the West" (ca. 1950); Medicine Hat Telephone Directories (3) (1932, 1939, 1956); Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Agricultural Prize List (1975); booklets (3) entitled "Original Cooking Recipes" (1924), "How to Cook Vegetables" (1912), and "Home Canning" (1929); Table of Contributions-Unemployment Insurance (undated); biography of Chief Crowfoot, by Albert Hughes (undated); O.S. blueprint of High Pressure Gas System (undated); "My Creed" (1931); transcript of recorded interview with Gabe Leveille (1957); clothing store sale flyer from Eskin and Naimark, Leader, Sask. (1937); Rawleigh's Good Health Guide and Cookbooks (2) (1922, 1927); cumulative record of Judy Gailey (1946-1952); O.S. bound blueprints of Medicine Hat and District (ca. 1915); Seniority List of Telegraphers in Alberta and District (1932); correspondence re: County School Funds (1906); O.S. Cummins Alberta Land Maps (2) #10 and #11; O.S. blueprint of Townships and Sections; biography of Lord Beresford and Lady Flo (1968); O.S. scrapbooks (2) of assorted greeting cards (undated); address book (undated); review entitled "West of Yesterday" (1965); receipt for $80.00 in the name of the Postal Club Association (1918); report and pamphlet entitled "Fort Walsh National Historic Park" (1977); pamphlet entitled "Cypress Hills Massacre (1974); calendar (1917); card from Green Gables Inn (undated); proposal for the Medicine Hat Centennial Centre (1964); O.S. blueprint of the Centennial Museum (1965); signs (2) saying "Notice to Minors" and "Observe The Liquor Act" (undated); programs (2) from the Medicine Hat Operatic Co. for "The Country Girl" (1921); program for the Medicine Hat Amateur Operatic Society for "The Toreador" (1922); order form from the Medicine Hat Baking Co. Ltd. (undated); sight draft notice from the Imperial Bank of Canada, Redcliff Branch (1932); newsletters (10) entitled "The Gergely Gazette" a monthly real estate pamphlet (1978-1979); newspaper supplements (2) of the Medicine Hat News showing photographs (1900); O.S. blank purchase sheets from the Medicine Hat Milling Co. (undated); 50th anniversary brochure of the Redcliff Hotel (1960); booklets (2) entitled "Number of Households at Rural Post Offices and on Rural Routes in the Western Provinces" (1929); agreement for sale of cattle between the Creswell Cattle Co. and Harris Franklin and Co. (1901); O.S. Certificate of Army and Navy Veterans (1918); O.S. Certificate of the Great War Veterans Association (1919); O.S. pictoral history of the N.W.M.P. (1966); O.S. ledger of the C.P.R. (1926-1939); birth registration of Robert Mill Morris (1903); prize list of the Medicine Hat Stampede (1917); modern reproduction of a C.P.R. poster saying "Homeseekers Fares to Western Canada" (undated); postcard of "Milkriver Centennial Cairn" (1965); purchase agreements (3) between Fleming and Turnbull (1911), Fleming and Porter (1911), Rodie and Fleming (1911); sheet music for "Joanne" by Lawrence Bruce (1930), for "It Must Be Love" by George P. Stimson (1939); envelope, note and handwritten dialogue firstly appearing to condemn the Protestant faith from the Roman Catholic perspective; then condemnation of the Roman Catholic Church itself, and ending with a "statement KKK"(author is not known), a Military Training Pamphlet titled "Operations - The Use of Gas in the Field (No. 23 Part V) (1940); St. John's Presbyterian Church Ruby Walker Guild Cookbook (1955), Quota Club Cookbook (1957); blueprints showing subdivisions of Medicine Hat and Ajax Mine (1912-1913, 1939); illustrated map of NWMP RCMP History (undated).

Esplanade Archives

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