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Toronto General Hospital
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Acts and By-Laws

Sub-series consists of legislative bills and acts pertaining to the Toronto General Hospital, and by-laws adopted by the TGH Board of trustees and sanctioned by the Provincial Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

Visitors Registers

Sub-series consists of visitors registers maintained by the Board of Trustees.

File 1.8.1 contains newspaper clippings, lists of Hospital Trustees and staff, and photographs pasted in the endpapers.

File 1.8.4 predominantly contains visitors’ signatures dated April 21-26, 1930 and was used to record the names of visitors to the new Private Patients Pavilion (Bell Wing).

Files 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 record admissions and visits to the Hospital by members of two independent fraternal organizations, respectively the Independent Order of Foresters and the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows.

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Superintendent’s Correspondence and General Administration Files 1930 [C.J. Decker]

Sub-series consists of correspondence and general administration files maintained by the Superintendent in conducting the day-to-day administration of the TGH. Materials in this Sub-series include correspondence with members of the Board of Trustees (files 2.4.1 to 2.4.12) and members of the TGH medical, nursing, engineering and professional staff; reports by medical and other TGH departments; financial statements summarizing the Hospital’s revenues and expenses; correspondence and reports concerning the management of TGH properties and endowments; correspondence with TGH consulting architects concerning the planning and development of construction projects within the Hospital, particularly the new Private Patients Pavilion, and architectural drawings depicting planned, continuing and completed constructions; lists of annual medical staff appointments and accompanying correspondence; correspondence with various suppliers of products and services required in the daily maintenance of the Hospital and in equipping the Private Patients Pavilion, with attendant specifications and contractual documents; correspondence with government bodies concerning plans to develop a radiotherapy service at the TGH, and with suppliers of radium; and correspondence with officials of various municipal, provincial and federal government bodies concerning taxation, public health and security and other issues.

Files 2.4.1, 2.4.23, 2.4.24, and 2.4.50 contain architectural drawings.

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Superintendent’s Correspondence and General Administration files 1938 [C.J. Decker]

Sub-series consists of correspondence and general administration files maintained by the Superintendent in conducting the day-to-day administration of the TGH. The original numbers given to each file are included in the file list.

The original file titles for files 2.11.19, 2.11.20, and 2.11.48 included the full names of patients. In order to assure compliance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information, 2004 (PHIPA), the full names have been replaced with initials.

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Superintendent’s Correspondence Log 1963

Sub-series consists of copies of the outgoing correspondence of Superintendent Sharpe, January-February 1963. Sub-series consists of one file:

Superintendent’s Correspondence Log 1963 [restricted until 2083]

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Organization Charts [196-?]-1979

Sub-series consists of charts outlining the administrative structure of the Toronto General Hospital. Sub-series contains one file:

2.24.1 Organization Charts

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TGH Planning Report 1968

Sub-series consists of an eight-volume report jointly prepared for the Office of the Executive Director by Woods Gordon Co., Planning Consultants and Mathers and Haldenby, Architects. The report outlines plans for the “modernization and expansion of the Toronto General Hospital”, including the construction of new facilities for the TGH School of Nursing and Nurses’ Residence.

Sub-series consists of 8 files:

2.25.1 Volume I: Summary Programme
2.25.2 Volume II: Architectural Planning
2.25.3 Volume III: In-Patient Facilities
2.25.4 Volume IV: Medical Services
2.25.5 Volume V: Hospital Services
2.25.6 Volume VII: Teaching Facilities
2.25.7 Volume VIII: Clinical Sciences Facilities
2.25.8 Volume VI: Clinic Facilities

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Interns’ Records

Sub-series consists of the permanent records of intern staff, including performance appraisals. Some files also contain photographs of the interns.

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Applications for Internships

Sub-series consists of applications for positions on the intern staff, including academic transcripts, photographs, and personal and professional letters of reference.

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